A Safe and Fun Family Sport

Take a trip to a BMX race and you will quickly see that everyone in attendance, from kids to parents, are having a great time. BMX is a safe, fun, and healthy action sport for the whole family and instills good life skills.

Statistics have proven that BMX racing is one of the safest of all youth sports today. Part of this is due to the mandatory requirement of safety equipment every time a rider is on the track. Riders MUST wear long sleeves, long pants, and a helmet. As riders get more involved in racing, so does the safety gear; with padded elbow jerseys and padded (on the knee, hips, and shins) racing pants.

BMX is a sport catering to the individual. Every rider gets to participate and compete. No one sits on the bench and no one gets cut from the team. In the early 1990s, extreme sports began to make their way into the national spotlight. They became mainstream as they gained attention, especially when ESPN created the “X-Games”.

In 2008 BMX racing was officially made an Olympic event. Today BMX riding is a challenging sport that involves double and triple jumps, rollers and tabletops. It’s a faster sport that relies less on the rough and tough obstacles that it used to. BMX bicycles are 20 and 24 inches, made of lightweight material and are far more advanced than ever.