Berm Warfare

  1. Berm Warfare is very fun to do but not very practical when trying to win a BMX Race. It slows you down and invariably you loose a place or two. I am not condoning it I am just saying that it should be done cleverly and not bluntly which is what I am seeing more of these days.
  2. When I was at the SA Champs in Brakpan I saw how the 2 guys in the front of the race would go at it in the berm and get all tangled up and the guy coming third would come flying past and win the race. Now that to me is really stupid why would anyone want to throw there place away just to bash the other guy in the berm and then still loose there place.
  3. There is a right way to ride a berm a wrong way and I feel that using the other person as a stopping block is the wrong way, you slow down to much and 80 percent of the time you will either fall or loose your place. You need to ride the berm not the person.
  4. There are many lines to take in a berm and being able to sum up the situation in the few split seconds and ride the perfect line is what separates the champions from the plebs.
  5. The lines are countless from High low to low high or just railing at the top or squeezing through the gap and accelerating out of the apex. Using the berm to your advantage to line you up for the upcoming straight is the most important piece of advice to be given about Berm riding.
  6. Always think when coming into a berm sum up the situation never leave the gate open. Get in and out as fast as possible. Try not to get tangled up with anyone else keep it clean and tidy.
  7. Berm Warfare is out and clever riding is in. Use your brain not your braun.

And remember always ride it like you stole it.