Bike Sizes

  1. The size of the bike depends on the size of the child or adult riding it and how serious they are about BMX racing.
  2. BMX Bikes come in many sizes and qualities from really small to really large, from micro to Cruiser. Finding the right-sized frame for your child can be very hard. All bikes have different angles and those angles suit different riding styles so, in the beginning, you have to find a make of bike that suits your child and stick with it.
  3. Weight is a really big factor in BMX and you really do need to try to get a lighter bike as possible within your price range because of course it is very easy to make a bike super light but it also costs a lot to do that, so please just get the best you can for your budget.
  4. I feel a child should stay on a smaller bike for as long as possible as it is much easier for the kid to control a small bike than it is to control something that is too big and heavy. I still to this day ride a bike that is a size too small for me because I find it easier to control and quicker to accelerate.
  5. When choosing wheels you should use as smaller wheels as possible and for kids to stay on “skinnies” for as long as possible cause these wheels cause less drag on the track and free wheel faster. I have seen at worlds 14 to 15-year-old boys still riding on skinny wheels so you don’t need to rush when increasing the size of the wheel diameter.
  6. I can’t emphasize enough the need to use equipment that is the right angles, size, and weight for your child so many times I have been at my local track and seen some weird things that parents do to their kids and expect them to win. It is the same as trying to race a donkey and a horse one is made for racing and one for cruising.
  7. So when choosing a bike for your child get them something they will be comfortable on and looks good too, cause if they are not going to win then they might as well look good.

And remember always ride it like you stole it.