1. Jumping is an integral part of BMX Racing. Some people find it hard and others find it quite easy.
  2. When you get older bones don’t mend so easy and you are not as flexible as you used to be so you tend to slow down and keep both wheels on the ground.
  3. When approaching the jump you have to decide whole heartedly if you are going to go for it or not. If you are in anyway undecided on whether to go for the jump then rather bail out because you will fall. Your mind must be clear and focused on the jump. Sure you can be nervous for the first time but that feeling of the unknown is why we ride to further ourselves every day.
  4. Approach the jump with the appropriate speed, make sure you are comfortable.
  5. When at the base of the jump you are going to suck into your bike a little bit and ride the face of the jump.
  6. At the top of the face you are going to boost the jump by pulling a little bit with your arms and feet, please not so much that you go all squirly you must be relaxed and then you should start to take a natural ark.
  7. In mid flight you must just relax and let momentum and gravity take there turn a BMX is built to balance so if you just relax you will stay level with the ground and just float through the air.
  8. When focusing on the landing line your bike up with the landing and push down slightly on the bars to give you the same angle as the landing. If you stiffen up you are going to increase the possibility of having a bad landing and crash.
  9. When on the landing compress into the bike to give your self a smooth landing and ride it out.
  10. Jumping is not difficult it is more in the mind than in the physical action as soon as you can overcome the mind then you can jump anything.
  11. Good luck in trying new jumps and remember that crashing is a part of the learning process get back on and try the jump again or you will have a mental block about that jump and you will never overcome your fear of jumping.
  12. To end I would like to quote a part of my favorite poem –
    “Life is a risk! Those who avoid all risks are avoiding life itself. Indeed life’s greatest risk is not to risk at all”
    .. so get out there and hit those jumps and enjoy the ride.

And remember always ride it like you stole it.