New Tracks

  1. O the beauty of a new track is such a good thing for the sport of BMX. It gets kids excited it raises new challenges and brings back the feeling of doubt as to whether you are going to make a fool of yourself going for the jump or if you are going to bail trying the new jump.
  2. These emotions is what makes the sport so great the challenge is not just to race your heart out but to overcome fears and move out of the comfort zone that we all live our lives in.
  3. New tracks do this to people when you arrive there all new challenges in front of you which you think at first you can’t possibly do but as you see peers or kids younger than you do it, it motivates you to go for it and only by doing that is the sport going to grow.
  4. That is why it has become so extreme that even the Olympic committee couldn’t leave it out any more and so it is now an Olympic sport.
  5. With new tracks comes new blood new challenges and new opportunities some tracks are big and some are small. So what it all adds to this great sport of ours and I think that you have to change the tracks at least once a year to keep it interesting or the sport becomes stagnated and boring.
  6. Well done must go out to all those people who break there backs at the tracks trying to get them race ready it really is not said enough but without your guys support and very very hard work this sport would go backwards in this country so thanks again.
  7. The new tracks are great and the quality of the tracks we are riding is improving so much that some of our tracks are world class and that is what is needed in this country.
  8. Keep up the hard work and keep the new tracks rolling it really is fantastic to see.

And remember always ride it like you stole it.